Home of the Stewards

Home of the Stewards

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Who are stewards?

Stewards are people who discover something in society that is missing – and then simply take care of it themselves. Unlike social entrepreneurs, Stewards do not found organisations that take care of a topic in the long term, but instead fill a temporary gap in society – often without anyone really noticing. Stewards can operate locally or globally, can devote themselves to a small or a large topic and cover all areas of society. They are the „glue of self-organization“ of society and unnoticed they make sure that the system works as a whole.

What is a societal gap?

Societal gaps – gaps in the seemingly so closely meshed system – usually exist for two reasons: Firstly, because new trends and issues emerge in society that nobody sees coming and for which nobody is prepared. Before the wider society has time to react, a gap develops that is taken care of by the Stewards until this gap is filled by established societal structures. Secondly, there are also trends in civil society engagement that (too) many are following. This creates gaps in areas that are no longer „modern“ or are no longer in focus. Stewards act here as well.

What is HoSt?

The Home of the Stewards (HoSt) wants to be exactly that: a home for all Stewards, a place for them to receive the support and appreciation they deserve. In interviews we have learned that what all of them really want is a network of like-minded people to give feedback and share their successes with. Above all, however, they have told us how challenging it can be to work regularly on their stewardships in addition to a busy life. Therefore, HoSt provides real and virtual rooms for concentrated work and mutual support. HoSt will continue to develop consistently according to the needs and wishes of the stewards.

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